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What Is It?

Pallet loading systems for trucks

The skate and track system is a manual truck loading/unloading system for moving of pallets and paper reels. This pallet loading system consists of manual operated rolling skates that run in special sunken track and are elevated to lift the load and roll in or out of the truck or van. The Joloda Skate handles pallets, slipsheets, drums, newsprint rolls, heavy and large machinery.

Why Use It?

  • 33% faster than conventional truck loading – 3.5 tons per minute per operator
  • Maximum space utilisation and no product damage
  • A fail-safe system with front and rear safety brakes
  • Minimum maintenance, a self-cleaning system

Who Uses It?

  • Any transporter who only has the option of rear loading and who only requires a manual trailer loading system
  • 250,000 systems operating in over 30 countries worldwide for 50 years!

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Joloda Skate & Track System

Case Study

Joloda helping the students stay clean!

Taplanes, a company based near Harrogate, use the Joloda Skate and Track system to make deliveries all around the UK for their shower and bathroom units.

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