About Joloda International

In the ultra-competitive logistics environment, Joloda International provides world class solutions for truck and container loading. Joloda International designs, manufactures and installs manual as well as automatic loading systems from factories in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and the USA.

Joloda have been in the industry for over 50 years. Today, Joloda International is a market leader in loading technology for the aircargo industry, newsprint and paper handling industry, FMCG distribution, beverage and soft drink industry, the chemical and the automotive industry.

Joloda International have grown from a small manufacturer to an international market leader with more loading systems to offer than any other company in this industry.

The company was founded in 1962 when a Mr Johnstone invented the famous skate & track system. Joloda then won the prestigious Design Award for this in 1977. 
Joloda then purchased Hydraroll and its range of loading systems in 2002, then established Joloda BV in Netherlands and Joloda LLC in USA.

Our expertise is in logistics and engineering and over the 50 years we have supplied 500,000 loading systems worldwide. 
We have built up over the years an impressive portfolio of customers, from Unilever, Kimberley Clarke, Heinz, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi-Co, Coca Cola, Fed Ex, DHL, News International, the list goes on…

Our materials handling solutions are based on ISO9001 Quality Assurance systems and include fully-integrated electrical controls. And when it comes to technical expertise, Joloda can handle every type and size of contract right up to full turnkey projects. Joloda now have around 50 sites in the UK that use automatic loading with another 30 sites across Europe.

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