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What Is It?

This a manual loading system that loads a container in one shot.

It comprises of a skate train to suit the load length with 28 ton capacity. The Skates run down galvanised steel track, which is placed both on the loading platform and onto the container floor. The track is elevated by a hydraulic pump, lifting the skate, which then raises the load clear of the platform deck. The ‘live’ load can then be easily rolled into the container.

Why Use It?

  • No need for expensive top or side loading containers
  • Container stuffing of up to 28 tons pre-assembled load, in 15 minutes
  • Portable system can be re-used or transferred to other loading/unloading points
  • No modification required to standard ISO containers
  • Gravity aided self loading, no power required
  • Continuous operator control, instant breaking to stop the load

Who Uses It?

  • Anyone who loads a container with steel pipes, steel fabrication, wood or aluminium coils
  • Widely used for loading and export of large pieces of machinery

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To unload a container in just 15 minutes!
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Joloda One Shot Container Loading System

Case Study

One-shot' loading system for increased savings and productivity

VCK Logistics in the Port of Amsterdam is the latest company to invest in a Joloda Container Loading system. VCK is a multimodal worldwide logistics company specialising in container shipping. Gulf Extrusion in Dubai export manufacturing aluminum profiles for many industries such as automotive, construction and trailers and they use VCK logistics as their transport company for shipping from Dubai.

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