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Automatic Loading & Unloading Systems

The few minutes spent on prepping forklifts and other equipment for loading and unloading may seem insignificant. The sum of the wasted minutes for each instance, however, might surprise you: you could be losing hours in your process flow.

Our automatic loading and unloading systems cut the time gap between unloading a truck and delivering the materials to the production starting point. Instead of treating docking stations as a separate operation, we integrate them into the process flow.

The flexible systems can also function inversely, similar to our automatic container loading system. Condensing the time spent in loading goods brings about faster delivery and shorter vehicle turnaround times.

Joloda presents three types of automatic loading and unloading systems:

  1. Moving Floor System
  2. Slipchain
  3. Trailerskate
Moving Floor System

Moving Floor System

Moving floor conveyor system for non-palletised loads

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Pallet loading system for trucks and warehouses

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Automated vehicle loading system.

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Moving Floor System

Factories handling both palletised and non-palletised loads are a perfect fit for the Joloda Moving Floor System. The system utilises a conveyor belt with flat steel slats that support pallets, paper reels, containers and even loose parcels. It’s also possible to integrate this system in-between production sequences. Doing so ensures the continuous movement of materials from one station to the next.


We use a system of pneumatic (rise and fall) chain and roller tracks to move pre-assembled pallets weighing 30 tonnes from the loading dock to a trailer in just 90 seconds. Slipchains are best for mobilising finished products and preparing them for transport. As automatic unloading systems, they are also ideal for receiving palletised materials from trucks and shuttling them to production starting points.


Our Hydraroll Trailer Skate is an automatic trailer loading system that consists of four 13-metre pneumatic skates on a loading dock that connects to the trailer floor. It delivers two rows of pallets, drums or paper reels directly inside a semi-trailer, filling its entire 13.6-metre length with cargo in less than 4 minutes.

Joloda works closely with warehouse and factory engineers when integrating automatic truck loading and unloading systems into your existing processes. Our solutions are industry-tested and well defined; they will fit seamlessly in your production line.

Email us your enquiries or call us on +44 (0151) 427 8954. Our representatives will gladly discuss automatic loading solutions with you.

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