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Rollertrack Systems

Handling materials using automatic roller track systems is necessary to achieve maximum efficiency in logistics and production lines. When a facility has limited space and resources, however, implementing a fully automatic loading system is just not possible.

The next best option is a hybrid system or a combination of manual and automatic loading solutions. You can achieve this with Joloda’s range of Roller Track Systems.

We offer four options, all of which consists of pneumatic roller tracks:

  • Pneumatic Rollerbed
  • Trailerloda
  • Vanloda
  • Powered Cargo Loader
Hydraroll Rollertrack


Aircargo rollerbeds

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unloading cargo from truck


Portable rollerbed kit

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Vanloda System


Pallet loading systems for vans

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Powered Cargo Roller

Powered rollerbed system for Aircargo

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Pneumatic Rollerbed

Joloda owns Hydraroll, the world’s most trusted brand of rollerbed systems today. Hydraroll rollerbeds are a staple in most of our manual and automatic loading systems and are the primary components in the Joloda Roller Track Systems.

Our Pneumatic Rollerbed System has a manually-activated mechanism that allows operators to elevate the rollers when loading or unloading pallets. When not in use, the rollers stay nestled in the recessed floor tracks. It is one of our simplest yet most effective loading systems: it cuts back the required human physical exertion by 20 percent.


We integrate pneumatic rollers into a loading system we custom-designed for trailers. Since the rollerbed sits on top of instead being attached to the trailer floor, Trailerloda is a cost-effective solution for seasonal trailer freight needs.


We designed this cargo roller system for smaller vehicles, specifically vans. It is portable, easy to assemble, and ideal for urban deliveries of dry goods.

Powered Cargo Loader

An automatic roller and track system that can transfer pallets and flat-bottomed containers weighing up to 20,000 kilogrammes in one go. We’re proud to say that this is one of the most efficient container roller systems available on the market today.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Faster loading and unloading, especially for air cargo trailers and transport vessels
  • Products or cargoes are more secure
  • Reduced risks for drivers

Joloda Roller Track Systems are versatile. They enhance production lines and logistics process flows, regardless of the industry. Contact us and discuss your options with our engineers.

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