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Paper Roll Loading Systems

Time is of the essence when you need to load and unload paper reels from trucks and shuttle them to production starting points; there’s no room for time-consuming mistakes. A safer and more efficient alternative, therefore, is to build an automatic loader and conveyor system that connects your docking station directly to the production line.

Our engineers at Joloda can make this happen. With the integration of the Hydraroll, we can speed up production lines in printing, packaging and manufacturing.

Our paper roll loading systems blend seamlessly with conveyor systems and paper feeder machines. Regardless of your industry, they can make your current processes more efficient.

We offer two types of paper roll loading systems:

  1. Automatic Reel Unloading
  2. Newsprint System
Automatic Reel Unloading

Automatic Reel Unloading

This is for paper lying down

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Newsprint System

Newsprint System

This is for paper standing up

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Automatic Reel Unloading

This is an automatic loading system that expedites the transfer of paper rolls from delivery trucks to production starting points. It unloads paper rolls lying down instead of standing up — a safety procedure necessary when handling 4,000-kilogramme paper rolls.

With our Automatic Reel Unloading System, your fleet becomes the starting point in your production line. Our engineers install and configure sunken tracks on your truck floors to match a pneumatic roller bed that lifts and unloads the cargo. The conveyor system will then deliver the paper rolls to the designated area of production.

Newsprint System

We designed this alternative paper loader to unload paper reels standing up. It is an in-demand system in newsprint and other facilities that use mixed sizes of paper reels.

The Newsprint System also integrates transport vehicles into the production line. Additionally, it has manual skates that allow manual off-loading of individual paper rolls at non-automated stations.

How Can They Improve Your Production?

Our paper loading system delivers the following benefits:

  • Shortens unloading time
  • De-mans unloading operations at docking stations and distribution areas
  • Eliminates the need for forklifts
  • Eliminates the risk of reel displacement or toppling
  • Reduces work-related risks

Joloda will work closely with you to assess which paper loading system is best suited to your operations. Send us an email to get started.

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