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Graham Smith UK Ltd

Graham Smith UK Ltd is a company based in Wiltshire who for the past 30 years have supported the telecommunications industry. A part of their business involves logistical support of

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Joloda World Conference 2016

Joloda recently held their World Conference which occurs every 2 years and bring all the Joloda agents from around the world to meet and discuss all the new product developments

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Container Lifting System

Container Loading Training Session

Joloda have a large network of agents around the world, stretching from Australia to Brazil to Russia and many more. They sell our equipment for us in their countries and

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unloading cargo from truck

100th Trailerloda Sold!

Hydraroll have now sold their 100th Trailerloda system worldwide to their customer Total Reefer in Wolverhampton, UK. Total Reefer purchased this system to fit in a stock trailer ready for

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Logimat 2015

Joloda are exhibiting at the Logimat Show in Stuttgart from 10th-12th February. At this show we will demonstrating our automatic truck loading systems which can load a vehicle in 5

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