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Container Systems

Loading and unloading containers require heavy-duty lifting equipment and efficient transport methods. A forklift is capable of lifting heavy loads, but relying on this method alone wastes time and resources.

Joloda offers automatic and manual Container Systems that load and unload container trucks in a matter of minutes. They are more efficient than using a forklift to transfer pallets and other forms of cargo one at a time.

Joloda offers two types of container systems:

  1. Container Loading
  2. Container Lifting
Container Loading System

Container Loading System

Enables you to stuff long heavy and wide loads into a container on the ground.

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Container Lifting System

Container Lifting System

4 independent electro-hydraulic jacks capable of lifting 35 tonnes

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Container Loading System

A manual loader that gives your crew greater control over the placement of the cargo going into container vans, our Container Loading System consists of a floor-level loading platform that connects seamlessly with container vans pre-outfitted with manual skate and track systems.

The system works for palletised and non-palletised cargo, including pieces of machinery, air cargo containers, drums, coils and other sizable products. It fills a container van with up to 28 tonnes of pre-assembled loads in just 15 minutes. It also works in reverse, making it an equally efficient container unloading system.

Container Lifting System

An automatic system that uses electro-hydraulic mechanisms, this loader can lift container vans weighing up to 35 tonnes. It consists of four jacks (one for each corner) working simultaneously to lift a container van off a truck. The system also works in reverse, lifting filled container vans onto truck beds.

In large-scale manufacturing and logistics, however, operators may need to unload container vans instead of simply their contents. Forklifts can do the job, but they’re not the safest nor the most efficient solution.

The Joloda Container Lifting System is a safer and more cost-effective method of unloading shipping container vans from trucks.

How Can They Improve Your Production?

Individually, our container systems promises the following improvements:

  • Limit the use of forklifts and reduces the cost of their upkeep
  • Make one-man operations possible
  • Increase truck and container turnaround rates
  • Increase efficiency while keeping operational costs at a minimum

Either system can streamline loading and unloading procedures, but combining the two gives you the greatest advantage.

If you foresee the potential of our container systems in your business operations, talk to our engineers. We will advise you which option is best for your business.

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