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Lanchester Wines streamlines its operations by replacing eight standard trailers in its commercial vehicle fleet with clearspan curtainsider trailers from Tiger Trailers, a Cheshire-based bodywork and trailer manufacturer. The move was made possible because of the inclusion of Joloda International’s automatic Hydraroll loading systems.

Since its establishment in 1980, Lanchester Wines has become one of the UK’s largest wine wholesalers, selling millions of wine to the UK, Europe, and other clients around the world. The growing demand for their wine has encouraged the company to invest in better logistics technology.

Technology for Better Operations

The new specialised 13.7m tri-axle trailers from Tiger, in partnership with Joloda, aims to help the Durham-based wine importer streamline its delivery operations between its three warehouses in the North East and its Greencroft bottling plant. To achieve their pursuit of “consistently over-delivering on quality and service,” Lanchester Wines turned to modern loading solutions to help them deliver over 3,000 product lines of wines and spirits.

Joloda’s contribution to the project is its innovative conveyor system, which includes a built-in moving slip chain floor in the loading bay. The UK wine merchant’s preference for automatic truck loading makes Joloda’s Moving Floor System (MFS) the ideal solution for its distribution and logistics needs. The MFS comes with a highly flexible slat conveyor for the trailer to dock, unload and load.

The moving floor system extends into the trailer itself to create a seamless transition between the two. It can also load and unload up to 24 pallets of wine in less than two minutes — a great time-saver since the conventional process often takes 40 minutes or more. Thanks to the new system, Lanchester Wines saves 97 per cent of time per load.

In total, the Durham wine importer has invested almost £450,000 in the system across its warehouses.

A Small Part That Makes a Big Difference

Joloda’s truck-loading conveyors are a small part of the bigger automated loading system, which gives Lanchester Wines and their other clients the opportunity to benefit from the following:

Improved Efficiency

The manufacturer’s automated systems reduce the time between loading and unloading, which ensures a smoother and more productive workflow. Logistics personnel can load up the maximum weight capacity within 15 minutes or less.

More Savings

The automation of loading and unloading processes requires less manpower, which means less money for labour costs. Joloda adds that the automated system eliminates the need for expensive forklift fleets, which can be costly due to maintenance needs.

Better Workplace Safety

The automated system eliminates the need for forklifts, which reduces the number of forklift-related accidents. Joloda’s conveyors and machines easily fit any safety device to reduce collision and other warehouse accidents.

A Collaborative Project for Better Operations

Tiger partnered with Joloda to work on a custom trailer design that integrates the automated loading system into the chassis itself. The team included other features to improve the trailers’ function, including a custom steel bar, designed to protect the Hydraroll mechanism, and solid steel reinforcement on the side rave for lowering risks of forklift damage. Both teams developed all these measures to prolong the operational life of both the trailer and the system.

According to John Mitcheson, Lanchester Wines’ logistics manager, Tiger Trailers’ collaboration with Joloda resulted in an innovative system designed to improve their bottling operations, which increased their eagerness of the project.

“We were delighted that Tiger was up to the challenge of getting the trailers on the road quickly,” says Mitcheson, “The chance to streamline our fleet was a big part of the decision-making process and the results more than speak for themselves.”

As Lanchester Wines continues to expand and increase their products, they look forward to installing more Hydraroll systems to the loading bays of their sites. Mitcheson believes they will need more specialist trailers to maximise efficiency.

Trusted Names for the Best Solutions

As mentioned, the project is a collaboration between two trusted names in the industry: Tiger Trailers and Joloda.

Tiger Trailers is one of the UK’s leading bodywork and trailer manufacturers who provide clients with their outstanding build quality, innovative design solutions, and personal service that “surpasses all others in the industry.” Their design-led business is composed of a team that combines engineering knowledge and extensive design with the latest manufacturing techniques.

The company uses powerful 3D Solidworks program to produce an accurate representation of their client’s trailer and bodywork design. They also invite clients to view technical drawings at their factory before the manufacturing to ensure they meet all the client’s requirements before they begin construction.

Manning the other part of the project is Joloda International, a market leader in loading technology for the paper handling and newsprint industry, air cargo industry, FMCG distribution, and the automotive industry. Joloda’s portfolio of clients includes several big names, such as Proctor & Gamble, Heinz, Coca Cola, and more.

According to Karen McBride, Joloda’s project manager, the company’s innovative loading solutions have been used by different businesses for more than two decades. The Hydraroll system alone has been installed at close to 500 companies internationally.

To ensure the system’s seamless operation, Joloda’s team works with Tiger Trailers closely from the outset. The partnership between the two industry leaders resulted in new trailers that effortlessly handle around 15 loads a day between four sites.

“Joloda works with some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, but it’s really great to see our system make a real difference to a growing independent business like Lanchester Wines,” McBride adds.


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