Future Assured for World Leading Loading Systems Businesses

7 April 2017
The future of the Joloda International loading systems businesses have been secured through a private ‘Buy-In Management Buy-Out’ (BIMBO) deal, which sees the arrival of a new, investing CEO, supported by two of the group’s existing directors. Majority share owning Executive Chairman, Wojtek Kordel, who led the original acquisition of the company from the York Trailer Group in 1982, steps aside into a non-executive director role, to lend continuity and shareholder representation on the new board. Commercial details of the sale are not disclosed.

Joloda International Limited now comprises the original core business, based in Garston, Liverpool; the Hydraroll division based in Gaerwen, Anglesey; a mainland European operation, Joloda BV, based in Venray in the Netherlands; Joloda LLC, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA; and Joloda South America, based in São Paulo, Brazil. The current structure of the Joloda International group testifies to its growth and success, from its modest beginnings in Toxteth, Liverpool in 1962 to today, as an UK-based specialist engineering company turning over in excess of £10million and exporting directly and through a network of agents to more than 20 countries.
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Loading Systems from Joloda…

Joloda are world leaders in loading systems for all industries.

We supply and install loading systems for vans, trucks, trailers and even containers. We are the experts in trailer to dock integration and ensure your load is safely and quickly moved from the dock into the trailer.

If your logistics supply chain runs 24/7 then you need to load automatically for greater efficiency.

We have been developing these systems for over 50 years now and have supplied systems to P&G, Unilever, Coca Cola, Pepsico, Colgate and cater for all industries, aircargo, FMCG’s, brewery and many more.

In the ultra-competitive logistics environment, Joloda International provide world class solutions for truck loading. Joloda design, manufacture and install automatic truck-loading systems from factories in Liverpool, Anglesey, Holland and USA.

Joloda have been in the industry for over 50 years..Today, Joloda International is a market leader in the air-cargo industry, newsprint industry, fast moving consumer goods distribution such as Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Kimberley Clarke as well as, automotive just in time deliveries and the drinks industry.

Our materials handling solutions are based on ISO9001 Quality Assurance systems and include fully-integrated electrical controls. And when it comes to technical expertise, Joloda can handle every type and size of contract right up to full turnkey projects. Joloda now have around 50 sites in the UK that use automatic loading with another 30 sites across Europe.

Investing in automatic loading systems creates many benefits to the user with significant cost reductions and ROI. Companies such as Coca Cola, Britvic, Nestle, Heinz, all produce high volume goods that are distributed daily to their NDC’s and use Joloda automatic loading in their logistics supply chain.

There are many reasons why customers have chosen to use automatic loading, most being cost driven.Using automatic loading dock eradicates the need for forktrucks and drivers where the highest cost saving comes from. The system is also a 1 man operation. With less forktrucks and people in the loading bay area, it also creates a safer working environment.

Conventional truck loading with forktrucks takes around 30 minutes, whereas using a Joloda automatic system reduces the process to approx. 2 minutes so the loading process is greatly speeded up. Faster loading means quick turnaround so this results in fewer vehicles needed in the supply chain.

As the system is totally controlled and loaded in 1 go, there is little or no damage to the product as often happens when loading by forktruck. Reduction in forktrucks and vehicles also contributes to the underlying issue all companies are working towards, of reducing their carbon footprint.

Overall, ROI can be as little as 18 months. The reduction in costs also leads to better streamlining of transport costs to the customer.

Joloda have recently installed automatic loading systems for Unilever in sites in France, Turkey and Brazil, Britvic UK, Colgate Brazil and also Anheuser-Busch Inbev in Belgium.

To discuss how automatic loading can optimise your logistics, call Joloda now on 0151 427 8954.

Joloda Container Loading Solution

95% of the worlds cargo is transported on ships in containers, from the clothes we are wearing to the mobile phone we have in our hand. As you read this, there are between 5-6 million containers currently travelling around the world on ships, trains or trucks.

So how are these containers unloaded at their final destinations?

Joloda International can provide a complete container loading/unloading solution that can do it all….

The system comprises of the Container jacking system which is 4 free standing posts capable of lifting 35 tonnes. The individual legs locate into the corner casting of the container and lock into positon via conventional twist locks. All legs are connected to a central control box and operated by a pendant.

This system works out at 25% the cost of a conventional fork truck or cranage typically used to unload these containers.

This system lifts the container on and off the truck so when the container is on the ground, the Joloda container one shot loading system is then used to load/unload the goods in/out of the container.

The Joloda removable ‘One Shot System’ can move loads of up to 28 tons. Skates run down a galvanised steel track, which is placed both on the loading platform and onto the container floor. The track is elevated by a hydraulic pump, lifting the skate, which then raises the load clear of the platform deck. The ‘live’ load can then be easily rolled into the container. Once loaded both the skates and the tracks can be removed.

Using the complete Joloda container system eradicates the need to use top or side loading containers which are not readily available, all can be used in standard end loading low coast containers which saved around £1000 per container!

All equipment is removed after use and stored for when next needed.

Used by
This is used worldwide but companies moving steel fabrications, steel sections, wood, machinery pipes and any long heavy awkward loads up to 28 tones.

Customers include Claas Machinery, Gul Extrusion, Thyssen Krupp, Vestas, Maybe Bridge, Corus Steel, Schlumberger, VCK, Machinex….

Why invest in a Joloda Loading System?

  • Reduce Loading Time
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce forklifts needed
  • Increase Safety
  • Increase Loading Capacity
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

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