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Joloda NewsNew Appointment

From the 1st July 2013 we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Alec McAndrew as our new Operations Director.

Alec will have a broad span of control, covering all UK operational areas including

- Manufacturing activities at both the Liverpool and Anglesey sites
- Product engineering
- Quality
- Service management
- Purchasing and administration
- Product development
- Contract delivery and installation
- Warehousing
- Production control systems

On behalf of myself, the staff of Joloda Hydraroll and all our Worldwide agents we would like to wish Alec all the best in this new role and the future and continued success of Joloda International Ltd

Wojtek Kordel
Group Chief Executive Officer

Hydraroll are investing £1million in the facility that will increase capacity, create and safeguard jobs and secure its future.

The investment at the Gaerwen site has been supported by the Welsh Government with £326,850 business finance which helped secure the project for Anglesey.

Welsh Government support will safeguard 23 of these jobs and create ten new jobs, bringing the total employment on site to 53

Announcing Welsh Government support, Economy Minister Edwina Hart said:" We are committed to supporting businesses and safeguarding and creating jobs and this is a prime example of how we are delivering.

"This investment is particularly important for Anglesey as it will safeguard and create high quality manufacturing jobs. Joloda Hydraroll works in one of our key economic sectors and is a major exporter of goods and I am delighted Welsh Government support helped secure this project."

Joloda Hydraroll is acknowledged as the world leader in the manufacture of rollerbed systems used mainly by airlines to load and unload cargo from trailers onto aeroplanes, quickly and efficiently.

Wojtek Kordel CEO of Joloda Hydraroll said :"Support from the Welsh Government was important to secure this investment at our Anglesey site which plays a valued and important role within the Group. We are delighted the investment in new equipment will increase capacity, productivity and efficiency while also enabling the facility to handle larger orders."

Joloda Hydraroll systems are exported to Europe, the Middle East and the USA where FedEx is one of its main customers and it is also moving into the South American market.

Sandd Postal use Vanloda to cut loading by 30 minutes of their new 169 VW vans

The Sandd branch in Utrecht, took the first 15 of a total of 169 new Volkswagen vans to use in the expansion of their fleet. The Crafter L2 vans are all equipped with the unique rollerbed system called Vanloda. In this way, the mail arrives faster, more efficient and more secure at its destination.

The drivers of 250 vans make 2 deliveries a week to the mail customers of Sandd. These 10,000 mail deliverers ensure that the mail is delivered on time and at the right address. Because of increasing volumes, loading and unloading of the van becomes more and more time consuming and labour-intensive. Using Vanloda means the loading time of each van is reduced by at least 20-30 minutes! The new van offers more space and the new roller system allows the driver to load the pallets quickly and efficiently. With a simple hand movement, the pallet is pushed and positioned inside the van.. This also means less physical work is required of the driver as before Vanloda they had stack each crate of mail up to 10kgs on to an empty pallet in the van which was very time consuming and tiring!

We are looking at large volumes per trip: 3 to 4 pallets, each containing about 4.000 postal items. The new Volkswagen vans have space for up to 4 pallets. Without specific adaptations to the van, the rollerbed system is installed. This means the flexible system can be used over 2 leasing contracts as it is easily swapped between vans. This system ensures that the space in the van as well as the space on pallets is being used efficiently. This will also have a positive effect on the floor space in each of the depots with more free space available Loading and unloading is faster, safer and with less risk to damaging the van.

Vanloda is an important step for Sandd in the professional development of its logistics organization. The rollerbed system is installed by Autohaas Company cars in Apeldoorn (NL). Now that the first 15 vans have been handed over to Utrecht, each coming week 10 more vans will be handed until a total of 169 vans has been reached. For Sandd, quality is of paramount importance. Changes in the existing processes are aimed at maintaining the quality of the deliveries. A professional operating logistical organization provides efficiency and cost savings for all parties. Sustainability is also considered: the eco-drive system in the vans generates a fuel saving of about 10%.

Sandd (Sort and Deliver), is the business mail deliverer of The Netherlands and focuses, among other things, on the delivery of unaddressed printed matter, such as customer magazines, direct mail and periodical magazines. Also Sandd develops additional services to improve the results of its customers. Sandd has been active in the Dutch postal market, with a total volume of over 4 billion pieces, since 2001. The company had a market share of approximately 10% in 2010. Following the acquisition of competitor Selekt Mail in 2011 this share increased to approximately 17%. Its headquarters is located in Apeldoorn.
For more information: Erik Klinge (M: 31610722313 / [email protected] )

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is the market leader in The Netherlands. As the importer of Volkswagen, Pon's Automobielhandel BV together with the dealer network, are responsible for sales and service of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the Netherlands. There are more than 100 sales offices and approximately 90 service offices to be found, including 17 MAN dealers who sell the Volkswagen Crafter. Together with its dealers they are a committed partner and offer a customized product to the customer's specific needs. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is an entrepreneurial brand in the way it has dealt with the challenges that a changing world offers.
For more information: Sandra van der Wurf (M: +31653180922 / [email protected] )

Vanloda, the mobile rollerbed system for light commercial vehicles has been on the market for some time. Supplier is Joloda BV from Venray, specialist in the field of cargo handling solutions. For this particular application, the supplier of the rollerbed completely adapted the system to the demand of Sandd.
For more information: Arjan Nobel (M: +31621201838 / [email protected] )

Joloda International has recently supplied 30 trailerskate kits to SDC trailers to their branch in Toomebridge , N.Ireland. These kits consist of 4 x 13.6m long rails that SDC will install into the trailers they will supply to their customer Great Bear. The kit also has infill's that sit in the track to allow fork truck traffic inside the trailer.

Great Bear look after the transport shuttle from the Unilever factory in Port Sunlight, Wirral to the NDC in Cannock looked after by DHL. These 30 trailers were part of a trailer replacement scheme. They currently have around 50 trailers shuttling between the factory and NDC. Joloda installed last year the trailerskate automatic loading docks at the DHL site which are now running 24-7.
Trailerskate system is ideal for longer shuttle distances because of the low modifications needed for the trailers. The system is used by many major companies such as Coca Cola and Britvic.

Joloda International Logistics company McPhersons in Scotland have added another 3 Joloda aluminum slatted Moving Floor trailers to their fleet which is now around 30+ vehicles, transporting barreled spirits all around Scotland. The 3 trailers have just been installed and delivered in January.

McPhersons are the bulk spirits logistics specialists in Scotland and North England. This ranges from the grain up the bulk spirit to the final destination at the bottling and packaging sites.
They transport for Chivas, Teachers, all the large whiskey brands and other spirits such as vodka and gin.

They use the Joloda Moving floor system as it is designed to automatically load and unload 96 barrels of whisky, weighing approximately 23 tons, in one shot at the drain and fill site in Dumbarton. The plant output equates to a maximum of 1,900 casks per day with an average of 1,500 per day. The moving floors then unload and load by fork truck at the remote bond storage sites by indexing double stacked pallets forwards and backwards with a 10 second time delay controlled by infrared beams and photo electric cells.

Ian Jamieson of the Scottish Whiskey Association and Fleet Engineering Director of McPhersons, says "The Joloda moving floor system fitted to some of our dedicated trailer fleet for use in many customers premises has now been proved as the way forward in the fast loading palletised product business. With the help of Joloda we now have a loading system and process that is the most sophisticated in the spirits industry. The attributes of this trailer is obviously reduced down time, intrinsically safe electrics and the overall quality of the materials used in the build process. In terms of support, Joloda have the mechanism in place to ensure fast moving parts are dispatched quickly with the minimum of fuss".

Additionally, the moving floors are fitted with the Joloda skate and track systems for emergency off loading in case of power failure. This consists of track which runs flush with the moving floor in which runs a set of skates. When elevated the load becomes live and can then easily be removed.

The new trailerloda portable rollerbed system is quickly growing in the refrigerated and rental trailer markets across Europe, World Courier have just had their second unit fitted in one of their vehicles.

World Courier are specialised in temperature controlled distribution for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Trailerloda is ideal for refrigerated vehicles as it prevents having to cut into the expensive insulated floor. It is easily installed and only takes only 1 day, the system is laid on top of the existing floor so the system is not permanently fixed into the floor. This means that any trailers on hire for logistic contracts can have the system easily removed at the end of the lease term and re-used for another contract.

The system also works well with perishables as it can be washed and cleaned out more easily than the conventional rollertrack system.

Able Logistics in Dubai have just purchased their first unit with a view to fitting out the other 7 vehicles in their fleet. They chose this system because of the quicker installation time and that the floor can be easily removed and re-installed into another trailer, as they operate both standard and refrigerated trailers.
The new trailerloda system only launched in spring 2010, is also in use in Europe by HCS a Danish leasing company who has 10+ trailers operating. They also use fixed aircargo trailers but the trailerloda option gives them flexibility to cope with seasonal peaks in aircargo. It's mainly used for refrigerated trailers because the expensive, thick insulated floor does not get damaged because the Trailerloda system is placed on the floor and not installed into the floor as the fixed aircargo systems are.

Joloda International Ltd had the most successful exhibition yet at the IAA in Hanover in September.

With over 150 enquires from around the globe, the sales team have been extremely busy following up the leads and visiting these potential clients. Enquires came from as far away as Australia and Korea.

The stand was in a prime position on one of the main walkways and the various moving exhibits attracted a high number of visitors.
On display was the Trailerloda system across the stand showing the movement of an aircargo bin for the aircargo industry. There also was a moving Slipchain unit showing how the system can move pallets automatically which is used across many industries such as FMCG's and Breweries.
Outside the hall, the Vanloda demonstration van was doing around 10 live product demonstrations an hour showing the simple but effective idea of rolling the pallets into the van using rise and fall rollers, saves time, money, reduces product damage and van damage whilst increasing health and safety of the van drivers! This outside stand alone picked up nearly half of all the enquries from those in the smaller commercial vehicle market.

The show also coincided with the Joloda Agent Conference held every 2 years in Germany for the worldwide agents who also want to visit the exhibition to do business. They all came away from the show happy with their results.

50 years on and still the cleanest, greenest loading system!

Joloda International had a busy successful show at the CV Show, Birmingham last month. They exhibited the Vanloda products as well as the renowned Skate & Track system, which has been on display at this show since it started 10 years ago. 50 years on and the Joloda Skate and Track is still one of the world's leading truck loading system.

Awarded the prestigious British Design Award in 1977, the Skate and Track system has enabled customers worldwide to load/unload pallets and news print paper rolls safely and quickly. Over the last 5 months orders for the system has increased by 25%, Joloda are supplying between 300 -400 truck systems per month worldwide! Used already by companies such as UPM Kymene, Aylesford Newsprint, Allied Bakeries, Freuhauf, Volvo, Chiquita and Dometic Corporation in the USA, the Skate and Track system can be used to load and unload individual items up to 3.5 tonnes. BMW in Germany who have used the system for nearly 10 years for unloading car exhausts and bumpers on to their docks for their production, have just ordered another 4 systems for a new expansion at the site in Leipzig. Coolkit UK have installed a system in 1 of their refrigerated vans for a customer moving refrigerated products. Belmont Press have been using the system for over 15 years delivering specialised printed products in their fleet of vans.

They chose Skate and Track because it is an easy failsafe system to use. The Joloda skates are used in recessed tracks either in the trailer or dock floor. The skates and load are simply raised by pulling down the handle. This then means that the load, which can be any weight up to 3.5 tonnes, is 'live' and can be freely pushed the length of the trailer or out onto a dock. The skates include manual and automatic breaking, self-centering and minimal maintenance as the system cleans itself when it is in use. With the added bonus that no power is needed so it can be used anywhere. The Joloda Skate System is also the ideal solution for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. With the potential to reduce loading times, increase load volumes and big savings on labour and fork lift costs, this simple, safe and economical system make it the obvious choice for your loading needs!

Dnata and PWC Airport Logistics now have 18 vehicles in their fleet with the Powered Roller system for aircargo. The last 5 vehicles have just been installed and delivered to Dnata. Operating out of the Dubai Cargo Village, they are the major road feeder service provider and transport aircargo between airports in the gulf region daily, up to 11 journeys a day for some airports. They use the powered roller system for safety and security of aircargo loads between airports and using the system, the trailers can accommodate 4 full size B747 freighter pallets and are designed to interface with the loading docks of the aircargo terminal, eliminating the need for forklifts for the unloading/loading process. The kits were supplied through the Joloda agent in Dubai, Bardawil Aviation. The Joloda Hydraroll Powered Cargo Roller System is an efficient freight pallet handling system with 250 operational in the UK and over 70 in Europe. Introduced in 1998, the Powered Cargo Roller system is used by leading companies such as Lufthansa Cargo, Aviance, Singapore Airlines, Menzies World Cargo, Jan de Rijk and many more. When used in combination with the Hydraroll Pneumatic Roller Track, the Powered Cargo Rollers provide a safe and efficient means of loading and unloading air freight pallets into and out of trucks and semi trailers George Craven, Sales Manager for Joloda said; "The Hydraroll Powered Cargo Rollers allow semi-automatic loading up to 4 ton aircargo containers." George adds; "Using the truck powered 24v electricity driven rollers, the air freight containers are loaded at the press of a button. The number of rollers depends on the quantity of aircargo pallets and different configurations of rollers will allow for non-standard loads and weights." Plans are in place to increase the fleet at Dnata and PWC Logistics in the near future to accommodate more shipments and maintain quality service to the customers.

'One-shot' loading system for increased savings and productivity

Joloda have had an influx of orders over the last quarter for their Container Loading Equipment from all over the globe! Introduced over twenty years ago, the 'One Shot' container stuffing system enables you to load long heavy and wide loads into a container on the ground. By using a loading plinth you can load and restrain up to 12 meter long 30 ton pre-assembled load into your container in 15 minutes. The system requires no modifications to standard ISO containers. The system is reusable for the next container at the loading or unloading point. Thyssen Krupp in Preston are the latest company to take advantage of this system. They use it to load containers with aluminum slabs used for Hawk Trainer Aircrafts built in India by Hindustan Aeronautics. Thyssen Krupp purchased from Joloda, the Container Lifting legs to remove the container from the truck and place on the ground for loading, as well as the loading platform and the container loading system that loads in "one shot". They have a 2 year contract for these deliveries and load around 20 containers per month. Their loads are 4.7m long and 17 tonnes per container. They turned to Joloda for this solution as they tried to load using a forklift but were unsuccessful. The system consists of portable re-useable track in which runs a set of hydraulic skates of a length to suit the load length. The skates are elevated by means of a hydraulic pump. The load becomes live and is simply rolled into the container. The skate & track is then removed and the container doors are closed leaving only the product inside the container. Gulf Extrusion Dubal are using it to load large sections of aluminum extrusion, Arkley UK for large steel pipes and even the army in Mexico!

Joloda wins contract to provide JIT delivery to Jaguar XF line...

Joloda has been awarded the contract to supply we believe the first ever automatic delivery of tyre and wheel to the UK automotive industry. Joloda will install an automatic Moving Floor loading dock at the tyre and wheel supplier to Jaguar, TTAS in Castle Bromwich, 6 miles from the Jaguar manufacturing plant. This is to meet high the demand for the new XF Jaguar sports car. The tyres and wheels are assembled at TTAS and then automatically loaded from the Joloda Moving Floor loading dock onto the Moving Floor trailer and then unloaded on to a conveyor at the Jaguar manufacturing plant. It is the first time in the UK that tyres and wheels are being delivered already pre-assembled, balanced and in build sequence to the car manufacturer, Joloda have already supplied similar systems overseas for this purpose of sequenced Tyre and Wheel deliveres in North and South America for Honda and General Motors. The system will be supplied and installed in 12 weeks for full production to commence on 12th August.

Joloda Hydraroll have supplied more than 300 pneumatic rollertrack kits over the last few months, with 200 alone of those going to the leading airfreight companies, Fed Ex, DHL and Saints. George Craven, Sales Manager of Joloda comments: "Joloda Hydraroll's pneumatic roller track system provides an efficient roller system to enable the easy movement of loads, product or machinery into trucks and trailers. The principle of the pneumatically raised rollers is to have them available only when loading and unloading is required and not during transit. When the rollers are not in use the load is safely located on the floor". The system is ideal for a wide range of purposes, including air cargo handling, palletised goods in dry freight transport, and conveyor systems in manufacturing lines. Joloda's roller track can be used in conjunction with the unique quick release top plate system. This makes maintenance and repair of the track system much easier, as the top plate can be removed quickly and with minimal effort, allowing access to the tracks below. The new Hydraroll MK21 Twin Rollertrack system now holds 80% of the world market and also the European market. This system is 40% more efficient that the original single track rollerbed. The new track with its small top plate aperture significantly reducing the debris and dirt and therefore maintenance downtime is dramatically reduced and airbag life is extended to 5 years. This new equipment is now used as global standard for Fed-Ex and other major aircargo parcel transporters. Fed-Ex, which has evolved into the worlds largest air courier service, have recently had 150 systems installed in USA at their headquarters in Memphis. There is a contract in place to supply these kits every year to Fed Ex for the new additions to their fleet for their every expanding business. Fed-Ex can now link you to 220 countries within 48 hours due to technology development and outstanding support and information services.

Joloda have just completed another installation of an automatic loading dock for the famous Heinz company we all know and love.The Heinz site in Wigan produces all the Beans, Spaghetti and Tomato soup we eat everyday and also stores the products there in their NDC for UK supermarket distribution.

By using a Joloda automatic loading system, it reduces the need for forklift trucks which reduces carbon emissions. Also, the automatic system moves the pallets to the very end of the trailer so all space is utilized, meaning less trailer trips needed.

Heinz have already been using 2 Slipchain automatic loading/unloading docks installed by Joloda nearly 12 years ago, one at the factory and 1 at their NDC. However with the increase in product portfolio over the last few years of HP sauce, new flavours of beans and sauces and now also new packaging of beans to suit different lifestyles, their output from their factory has increased extensively that they needed another loading dock from Joloda in their network to increase capacity.

As well as the automatic dock systems, they have 4 slipchain shuttle trailers 16m long, which travel the distance of ½ mile, around 42 times per day.The slipchain system they use handles up to 30 pallets per load and the trailers are loaded and unloaded in 2 minutes. This dramatically speeds up the loading/unloading process of using forklifts which can take 30 minutes or more.

The Hydraroll Slip chain system incorporates pneumatically activated rise and fall chain and roller track giving high speed pallet accumulation and loading and unloading of full pallet loads. The pallets are automatically transferred from the dock into the trailers which are also fitted with a Hydraroll slipchain system.

The slipchain system is used for short shuttles.This system is used worldwide by many well known everyday brands, Princes, Nestle, Coors Brewers, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi-co to name a few.

They are saving several hours per day loading automatically instead of forklift loading, saving costs on forklifts and working a much safer and environmentally friendly loading process.

Joloda International celebrate a significant milestone with their 50th year anniversary in 2012. The company has grown from a small manufacturer to an international market leader with more loading systems to offer than any other company in their industry and manufacture up to 500 truck systems per month pre-sold. The company was founded in 1962 when a Mr Johnstone invented the famous Skate & Track system. Joloda won the prestigious British Design Award in 1977 for this invention! From this he went on to develop the hydraulic skates for heavier container loading. Joloda began with customers in the UK, Europe and Japan with a turnover of £1 million, turnover nowadays is between £7-8 million, with the addition of the American market.

A lot has changed over the years with new expansions every year, MDS Peterborough purchased in 1990, acquired Hydraroll in 2003, established Joloda BV (Netherlands) 2006, Joloda LLC (USA) 2010 as well as a growing network of agents. Joloda also spent many years manufacturing taillifts and ammunition handling systems, but these 2 product lines were replaced with more profitable systems - the automatic loading systems for large blue chip companies. This is a worldwide growing market which was not contemplated 50 years ago! Their expertise is in logistics and engineering, and over the 50 years, Joloda has supplied over 500,000 loading systems working worldwide! The company employs 88 people over 2 sites in the UK, with a turnover of £7-8million with Dutch and American assembly factories. In this day and age, reaching 50 yrs is a remarkable achievement. Joloda have not gone unaffected by the recession over the years but have survived with a strong export market to Japan, USA and Europe and by also offering flexible systems from as little £2000 up to £200,000. Joloda have built up over the years an impressive portfolio of customers, from Unilever, Kimberley Clarke, Heinz, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi-Co, Coca Cola, Fed Ex, DHL, News International, the list goes on….. One of the biggest customers is Fed Ex in USA who use the airfreight rollerbed system 24/7 for airfreight, with 5000 systems running daily, coast to coast.

The equipment can be supplied anywhere in the world in easy to install kits and maintenance is minimum on the systems. There is also a 24 hour spares supply from the UK sites or the worldwide agents network. Looking ahead, Joloda are positive about the future. They have a strong order book for 2012 and a lot of enquiries for large logistic supply chain projects.

Joloda International Successfully Exhibited at CEMAT Hanover

Joloda International Ltd, the world's leading designer, manufacturer and installer of loading, handling and logistics systems for the transport and warehouse sectors, exhibited on stand D46, Hall 27 at this year's Cemat show in Hanover. Joloda successfully exhibited their automatic Factory to Vehicle Loading systems (AVL's) at this exhibition to show other potential customers just how they can save them money as well as reducing their carbon footprint!

Many UK and European companies already utilise the Joloda trailer and dock loading systems to minimise loading times and maximise logistics resources. These are Heinz, Unilever, P&G and Coca Cola to name a few. Loading a vehicle with 26 pallets in 90 seconds reduces time on the dock, loads are all through the rear door so no need for folk trucks rushing around the yard. Operation is simple and is completed by the vehicle driver. Therefore once the dock is loaded for the out bound load, the warehouse personnel are released for other activities as the vehicle driver loads his own vehicle. The process at the delivery end is similar, the driver operating the unload process too.On display will be the Slipchain system for short to medium shuttles, Trailerskate for long shuttles and Moving Floor for non palletised loads.

With the topics on everyones minds today being reduce your carbon footprint, reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce waste…... these systems Joloda supply do exactly that. They reduce the need for forklift trucks, load in seconds so maximum efficiency, utilises the full trailer space so less trucks needed, automatic loading means less product damage as well as ensuring health and safety of workers when loading/offloading. With over 30 years of experience, Joloda loading technology offers all organisations that move large volumes of palletised goods the ability to save costs and the planet, so contact them today with details of your loading requirements.

Joloda have just finished installation of an automatic loading dock for ICI Akzonobel in Stowmarket, Ipswich. ICI Akznobel is the largest global paints and coatings company and a major producer of speciality chemicals. Their portfolio includes household names such as Dulux and Hammerite.

They decided they needed to improve and speed up their internal dispatch process and approached Joloda for an automatic loading system to meet this requirement.

The loading dock has just been installed at the factory to load the trailers for a 500m shuttle to their warehouse, where the trucks are off loaded with forklift trucks. 8 trailers were also supplied with the Trailerskate track, for the 10 shuttle journeys made per day.

The automatic loading system they have been supplied is a Trailerskate system which uses dock driven elevated skates, 15m long that pick up a pre-assembled load and in 3 minutes load into a tracked trailer, a load of up to 30 tonnes up to 26 pallets. When the full 26 pallets are accumulated on the dock then the skates are elevated by means of an airbag system located within the skate. The skates are then driven into the trailer by means of a drive chain. The trailers are fitted with 4 off simple steel tracks into which the skates run. Once the full load is in the trailer the air is extracted out of the skates and the load is then placed onto the trailer deck. The skates are then withdrawn onto the dock awaiting the next load.

The automatic loading dock at ICI, loads the trailers with 26 pallets in 3 minutes and as a result has dramatically speeded up their dispatch process from 30 minutes.

This system is already used daily by many branded companies such as Britvic, Unilever and Coca Cola.

As well as saving around 4 and a half hours a day on loading, they have saved money on forklift trucks, the loading area is now safer as there are not so many workers needed in the area and they have also greatly reduced their carbon footprint by using less forklifts.

The return on investment for ICI for this project is less than 12 months!

Operators get ready to 'Hydraroll' as airfreight market prepares for climb out

Joloda International, which makes the world market leading Hydraroll Aircargo Rollerbed system for handling air cargo and palletised freight, says that the sector is showing definite signs of recovery – and on both sides of the Atlantic. The company has announced two major orders for the latest version of its highly successful twin roller track system – one from Luxembourg-based Wallenborn and the other for Forward Air in the US, which was the first to equip with the twin track system when it was introduced six years ago.

Wallenborn, which acquired Rutges Cargo BV in 2009 and now serves more than 100 airports across Europe, has taken delivery of 40 complete trailer kits of Hydraroll system in just the last few weeks, for installation during build for its expanding fleet of tri-axle super-cube trailers. The company already operates over 300 tractor units and almost 500 trailers on road feeder services and air cargo distribution, which includes general, high value and perishable traffic.

US-based Forward Air has specified the twin track system for installation across its entire new 100 unit trailer build programme. The new trailers will be put in place during the first quarter of 2011. The company was the first operator to equip 100 of its 500 trailer fleet with the twin track system when it was introduced six years ago.

The Hydraroll twin track is the latest iteration of what has become the industry's now ubiquitous standard rollerbed system and features special patented wide-track twin rollers which provide 30% improved support for ULDs and pallets. The effort required to push a fully laden container within a trailer unit is also reduced by 33%. Forward Air currently fits four lanes of twin track rise and fall rollerbed and infills the remaining floor area with timber.

Additional benefits include much closer roller aperture clearances on the now quick release top plates – which has significantly reduced the opportunity for ingress of debris by 29% compared to older Hydraroll systems – and by 45% compared with typical competitor systems. Maintenance is also dramatically reduced – with some operators reporting a lack of need to clean the system for up to four years. The system now also incorporates full channel length acetal strip airbag protection to prevent potential damage and extend operating life. Controls for the system, which operates at 30psi (2.1Bar), are now clustered inside a weatherproof stainless steel enclosure.

Rise and fall on the latest twin roller system provides 13mm of load elevation – adequate for all container configurations, even units with slight damage. The system also incorporates manual flip-up pallet stops and the controls include an auto-down feature for the rollers. These combine to make the Hydraroll twin roller system the safest available in the world.

Joloda Group Chairman, Wojtek Kordel says, "We are now seeing definite signs that the airfreight sector is preparing to climb out of the economic downturn that has affected every level of the transport and logistics industry worldwide. Joloda is the world leader in design, manufacture and installation of specialised materials handling systems for the transportation industries – and the air cargo sector has always been a cornerstone of our business. There are now over 100,000 of our systems operating in all major airports worldwide. Alongside our other manual and powered systems, we now have a fully integrated range of materials handling systems capable of moving goods from the loading bay to their final destination, irrespective of the mode of transport that is used to get them there".

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Future Assured for World Leading Loading Systems Businesses
7 April 2017

The future of the Joloda International loading systems businesses have been secured through a private ‘Buy-In Management Buy-Out’ (BIMBO) deal, which sees the arrival of a new, investing CEO, supported by two of the group’s existing directors. Majority share owning Executive Chairman, Wojtek Kordel, who led the original acquisition of the company from the York Trailer Group in 1982, steps aside into a non-executive director role, to lend continuity and shareholder representation on the new board. Commercial details of the sale are not disclosed.....

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