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For dock and trailer loading of palletised loads. A chain drive system incorporating pneumatically activated rise and fall chain and roller track. This gives high speed accumulation and loading of full pallet loads for factory to warehouse short shuttle operations (less than 50km). Complete trailer outloads in less than 90 seconds.

  • Improves vehicle utilisation.
  • Eliminates double handling.
  • Improves safety in the loading bay.
  • Reduces damage to the vehicle floor and structure.
  • Versatility

A vehicle fitted with the Hydraroll Slipchain Conveyor can be designed to operate in many different modes:

  • With a Hydraroll Slipchain Dock
  • By itself, using a dock mounted power supply and indexing control box
  • By itself, using an onboard hydraulic power pack with pendant or infra red operating controls.This integral powered loading dock/trailer combination allows freedom and flexibility to load and unload a wide variety of palletised goods in a speedy efficient manner with the minimum vehicle 'down time'.

Independent controls allow pre-marshalling of palletised loads on the warehouse dock, with or without a trailer being present.

Twin ramps align the trailer with the warehouse dock entrance prior to pallet movement.

The trailer receives electrical power from an external socket located on the dock wall; control of the pneumatic system is achieved utilising a trailer mounted control box.

Slipchain conveyor drive is operated from inside the warehouse by remote panel control. A stowage box is fitted on the trailer for the power supply lead.


  • Transfers 26 pallets from dock to trailer in only 90 seconds.
  • Eliminates product damage by fork lift trucks.
  • Releases loading bay operatives to do other tasks.

Case Study

Heinz use Joloda to go green!

Joloda have just completed another installation of an automatic loading dock for the famous Heinz company we all know and love.
The Heinz site in Wigan produces all the Beans, Spaghetti and Tomato soup we eat everyday and also stores the products there in their NDC for UK supermarket distribution.

By using a Joloda automatic loading system, it reduces the need for forklift trucks which reduces carbon emissions. Also, the automatic system moves the pallets to the very end of the trailer so all space is utilized, meaning less trailer trips needed.

Heinz have already been using 2 Slipchain automatic loading/unloading docks installed by Joloda nearly 12 years ago, one at the factory and 1 at their NDC. However with the increase in product portfolio over the last few years of HP sauce, new flavours of beans and sauces and now also new packaging of beans to suit different lifestyles, their output from their factory has increased extensively that they needed another loading dock from Joloda in their network to increase capacity.

As well as the automatic dock systems, they have 4 slipchain shuttle trailers 16m long, which travel the distance of ½ mile, around 42 times per day.

The slipchain system they use handles up to 30 pallets per load and the trailers are loaded and unloaded in 2 minutes. This dramatically speeds up the loading/unloading process of using forklifts which can take 30 minutes or more.

The Hydraroll Slip chain system incorporates pneumatically activated rise and fall chain and roller track giving high speed pallet accumulation and loading and unloading of full pallet loads. The pallets are automatically transferred from the dock into the trailers which are also fitted with a Hydraroll slipchain system. The slipchain system is used for short shuttles.
This system is used worldwide by many well known everyday brands, Princes, Nestle, Coors Brewers, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi-co to name a few.

They are saving several hours per day loading automatically instead of forklift loading, saving costs on forklifts and working a much safer and environmentally friendly loading process.

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