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The Hydraroll rollerbed system is the brand most commonly known especially among the airfreight transporters across UK, Europe and America. The Hydraroll rollerbed has 90% of the market!

It loads and unloads air cargo pallets and ULD containers, up to 30 tonnes.

Manual system which requires 20% less effort compared to a standard roller system to move fully loaded aircargo containers.

Gives maximum space utilisation of truck body for ULD/aircargo pallets.

New low height rollertrack now available.

New auto down safe system


  • Twin roller design and limited top plate roller opening reduces debris by 30%.
  • Reduces maintenance and increases airbag life.

Case Study

Record year for Joloda and Fed Ex

Joloda Hydraroll who are a global supplier to Fed Ex, the worlds largest air courier service, have had a record order this year for their aircargo trailer kits. The order received which is being shipped in containers to the USA over 4 months, is for over 350 kits at a value of over $1 million dollars.

The Hydraroll Rollertrack systems now hold 80-90% of the world market and also the European market. For top customers Fed Ex, DHL, British Airways the MK21 system is a fundamental part of their daily distribution chain, setting Hydraroll as the global specifications for all their trucks.

George Craven, Sales Manager of Joloda comments: "Joloda Hydraroll's pneumatic roller track system provides an efficient roller system to enable the easy movement of loads, product or machinery into trucks and trailers. The principle of the pneumatically raised rollers is to have them available only when loading and unloading is required and not during transit. When the rollers are not in use the load is safely located on the floor".

The system is ideal for a wide range of purposes, including air cargo handling, palletised goods in dry freight transport, and conveyor systems in manufacturing lines.

Joloda's roller track can be used in conjunction with the unique quick release top plate system. This makes maintenance and repair of the track system much easier, as the top plate can be removed quickly and with minimal effort, allowing access to the tracks below.

The twin rollertrack system is 40% more efficient that the original single track rollerbed. The new track with its small top plate aperture significantly reducing the debris and dirt and therefore maintenance downtime is dramatically reduced and airbag life is extended to 5 years. This new equipment is now used as global standard for Fed-Ex and other major aircargo parcel transporters.

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