This system is designed for the newsprint industry to move paper reels automatically from the paper mill to the print room. 30 tons of print rolls can be unloaded at the print room in 90 seconds!

The Newsprint system consists of 4 off 13.6m powered skates running in sunken track.

System controls are standard plc with ramp up, ramp down and speed control from 3m to 30m per minute.

Can be used for mixed sizes of paper reels and the load is secure in transit.

This system is used by major press rooms and paper mills throughout Europe.


  • Joloda manual skates allow additional flexibility to off load individual paper rolls at non automated print rooms
  • Relatively low cost trailer installation.
  • Removes fork truck from loading dock areas and de-mans operation at press room and distribution centre.

Case Study

All incoming freight; A one man show at EPC in Belgium!

Economic Printing Centre (EPC), located in Lokeren in Belgium, uses Joloda's trailerskate system for unloading all incoming paper reels. The system operates in one of the most high tech printing facilities in Europe and brings 100% efficiency in handling all incoming reels.

The Economic Printing Centre prints many magazines and well know papers as 'De Morgen' and 'Het Laatste Nieuws'. Due to its state of the art Koenig and Bauer Cortina printing presses, all printed product are of exceptional quality. Moreover, the machines introduce maximum levels of flexibility and cost efficiency into the process.

The Joloda Trailerskate system was acquired by the company in 2007 to reduce the amount of handling from a clamp truck and operator. The system enables EPC to run a one man show with all incoming paper reels. The inefficient 45 minutes unloading sessions are cut out of the process completely, whereas the Trailerskate system only needs 3 minutes to unload a full load of standing up paper reels.

The Unloading Process
The Hydraroll Trailerskate system incorporates 4 dock mounted 13.600mm skates. In between each set of skates is a moving floor conveying system for onward transportation once the reels are off loaded.
When a full Joloda paper trailer arrives at EPC it will reverse on to a fifth wheel levelling plate. A king pin that is mounted on the back of a trailer will lock into the plate making it secure for loading and aligning and levelling it perfectly with the dock.

The system starts and drives the skates inside the four simple steel tracks fitted in the trailer. When they reach the front of the trailer they are elevated by means of an airbag system located within the skate. The skates have then picked up the full load of paper and retract onto the dock.
Once the full load is on the dock the air is extracted out of the skates and the load is then placed onto the moving floor conveyor. This conveyor comprises of aluminium slats with chains on the sides. The flat surface will move any palletised or non palletised products.
Once the reels are on the moving floor they are conveyed back to a de-nesting conveyor, separating the single reels. These are automatically scanned one by one after which they are off loaded by an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) placing the reel in the warehouse. The same AGV's feed the reels into the production area which closes the loop; NO clamp trucks are needed and the complete process is operated by ONE MAN!
Another case of 100% cost efficient automatic (un)loading by Joloda!

Joloda and EPC have tailored the Joloda trailerskate system to the exact needs of the client. The trailerskate system along with other automated vehicle loading systems is sold worldwide through Joloda's agent network.
In any logistics case with high volume production output Joloda's systems will ensure 100% cost efficiency and secure short term return on investment (ROI). Typical return on investment is shorter than 1 year due to severe cost saving by cutting out man power, expensive forklifts and product damages.

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