The Joloda Container Stuffing System enables you to stuff long, heavy and wide loads into and out of standard ISO end loading containers. The hand hydraulically operated skates, running in removable tracks can lift crates, metal coils of up to 25 tons maximising the loading volume of a conatiner. Crates and coils can also be positioned within 25mm of the conatiner wall with no additional stowage/load restraint required. This stand-alone system requires no modifications to the standard ISO container and is reusable at the loading or unloading point.

  • The container stuffing system is for loading containers that are still on the back of the trailer.
  • Portable & reusable loading equipment , ideal for stuffing long, heavy and wide loads.
  • Use unmodified 20ft, 40ft & 45ft standard ISO end loading containers so no requirement for specialist top or side loading containers.
  • Any loads placeable in the entrance of the container can be stuffed.

The system comprises of the low profile 20 ton capacity hydraulically elevated skates running in captive track on the container floor.
Skates are manually elevated up to 25mm (1") lifting the load an making it "live".
Skates are available in stock lengths of 1.2 metres and 1.5 metres.
The high tensile steel tracks are 3 metres long and clip together to guide the skates down the length of the container.
The low profile system requires only a minimum clearance of 80mm under the load, utilising container space.
The system enables wide and heavy loads to be positioned with only 25mm of clearance from side walls, maximising container usable cube with no load damage.
The rear of the trailer can be raised by either reversing up a ramp or by utilising the trailers air suspension enabling self loading.
A manual braking system is incorporated in the hydraulic pump mechanism of the skate allowing continuous operator control and instant braking.

To strip the container reverse the system at the unloading destination and pull out the crates.


  • No docks or ramp required.
  • Rapid turn around time - typically 20 minutes.
  • "Selfload max-cube, max-payload up to 28 tons - anywhere !"

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