Four electro-hydraulic lift legs attached to any 20ft, 40ft and 45ft standard or high cube ISO container, Lloyds tested and approved. Allowing powered lifting of a container of weight 35tons and mounting and demounting the container on/off a trailer. Can be used in any location, including rough terrain by one operator. 20 Minute container turnaround time.

  • Bringing your costs and containers down to ground level.
  • Ideal for FCL, LCL, groupage and consolidated traffic.
  • Allows stuffing of heavy & long goods at ground level - anywhere.
  • Jacks clip on using 1 ton fork truck.
  • Handles all types of 20' & 40' ISO containers.
  • The low cost alternative to fork trucks or cranes.

When used with the One Shot Container Loading system, the container jacks lower the container from the trailer and lock it onto the plinth creating the loading angle.

The container jacks are powered up allowing the container to be locked onto the trailer. The container jacks are unclipped and the trailer departs.

  • Four independent electro-hydraulic jacks powered from 440v 3-phase 15 amp mains supply.
  • Offloads containers in 15 minutes, ten container movements a day.
  • Single operator lifts loaded container, guides truck, then lowers and locks container onto trailer.
  • Lift, lower and tilt container using fingertip-button-control.
  • Fail safe sideways tilt cut out at 5°C.
  • Container can be tilted and locked at any angle to facilitate unloading of heavy/long loads.
  • For strength and safety, jacks clip and lock onto both top and bottom ISO container castings.
  • Jacks handle 8'6'' to 9'6'' high ISO containers.
  • Dock leveller facility for direct loading of container from warehouse.
  • Trolley option for localised yard movement of container.
  • Standard spreader plates enable offloading of containers on virtually any hard-standing ground condition that is able to withstand a loading of 80 lbs/sq in.
  • Position/ground loaded containers anywhere.


  • Single person operation.
  • 25% the cost of a conventional fork truck or cranage.
  • 20 Minute container turnaround time.
  • "Offload and reload up to 35 ton containers - anywhere"

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